My name is Heather. I’m a legal academic and writer

I am based between Australia, Britain, and Iceland.

My work focuses on comparative constitutional law, human rights law, and environmental law.

My latest books on comparative constitutional law and polar law are due out in 2021.

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Legal Academia and Academic Publications

I’ve written publications on Human Rights Law, Environmental Law, Climate Change in constitutions, Rising Sea Levels impact on Human Rights, Human Rights Philosophy and Space Law.

Legal Practice

I’m in training to be a dual-jurisdiction lawyer in Britain and Australia. I intend my future practice to focus on human rights law, criminal law, land law and space law.

Legal practice

Interviews and Media Appearances

Over the years I have been invited to speak about topics like human rights law, comparative constitutional law, climate law and space law, in tv, podcast and radio appearances in the UK, America, Israel, India and elsewhere.

Essays and other writing

I’ve contributed over a decade worth of journalism for the Guardian, Al Jazeera, Times Literary Supplement and openDemocracy.

Here you can also find out more about my books.