Journalism and Published Works

I’ve contributed over a decade worth of journalism for the Guardian, Al Jazeera, Times Literary Supplement and openDemocracy.

Returning the Past
The Battleground
6th December 2019
Taking Greenland Seriously
The Battleground
14th October 2019
Sarajevo to the West: Susan Sontag’s War
The Battleground
9th September 2019
I Shall Leave As My City Turns To Dust: ‘Queens of Syria’ and Women in War
6th July 2016
The April 6th Youth Movement: The State is Silencing aa Voice of Egypt’s Revolution
Novara Media
5th May 2016
Caught in a Brexit Bromance
5th April 2016
Brexit: What It Does and Doesn’t Mean for Human Rights
Novara Media
11th March 2016
Do women need to swing right to get ahead in politics?
The Guardian
22nd February 2015
Will The Tunisian Truth and Dignity Commission Heal The Wounds of Tunisia’s Authoritarian Past?
Oxford Human Rights Hub
20th February 2015
Bikinis and Babas: The Gender Subtext of Cliches about Ukraine
26th January 2015
Egypt Human Rights Groups Face Difficult Choices After Al Sisi’s Ultimatum
Oxford Human Rights Hub
21st January 2015
Laurie Penny on ‘Unspeakable Things’
6th January 2015
6 Things The Mubarak Trial Means For Egypt and the Revolution
Novara Media
8th December 2014
It Takes Broken Bones: Authoritarianism and Violence Against Women in Hungary
2nd December 2014
Frozen Progress: Beyond the Egg-Freezing Debate
30th October 2014
The common factor: sexual violence and the Egyptian state, 2011-2014
6th October 2014
Letter from Odessa
15th September 2014
Sonja Karadzic Can’t Help Her Surname, But She Can Help Her Politics
16th July 2014
Remembering the Srebrenica Massacre
Al Jazeera
14th July 2014
What Should We Do About Radovan Karadzic’s Poetry?
30th June 2014